BTTAD Declare Commitment to Safeguarding in Sport

The British Table Tennis Association for People with Disabilities has declared its commitment to safeguarding in sport by agreeing to abide by and adopt the policies and processes that the ETTA already has in place.

Chairman, Peter Taylor, and Secretary, Mike Smith, (pictured below) expressed their commitment to the programmes stating that the welfare of the child is paramount particularly in terms of those with added vulnerabilities. They both recognised the support given by volunteers, staff, players, parents and carers and the part they all have to play. In addition they felt that it was imperative that everyone involved in the sport of table tennis should be a priority in terms of their individual welfare.

It was also announced that Judy Rogers the ETTA’s Safeguarding Manager would also perform the same role for BTTAD. If anyone has any concerns they should contact her on 07977243327 or 01424 456211.

The 2013 revised edition of the Safeguarding Policy and Guidelines Booklet will be available on this website shortly.