GB win 4 medals in the Team events at the Slovakian Open

GB added 2 Gold and 2 silver medals to their tally when they competed in the Team events at the Slovakia Open, making 10 in total - 3 Gold, 4 Silver and 3 Bronze.   

Rob Davies and Paul Davies took the Gold in the Mens Class 1 team. The duo beat all three other teams in their round robin group 3-0. The other Gold medal came from the pairing of David Wetherill and the German Thomas Rau in the Men’s Class 6. In a closely contested group of five teams., three teams vied for the three top positions with each winning 1 and losing the other against each other. David and Thomas were awarded the Gold Medal due to their superior match average, beating Croatia 3-1 and losing to the Russian/Slovakian pair 3-2.

The Ladies Class 3 team of Jan Campbell and Sara Head took silver in a round robin of 3 teams, losing to Turkey3-0 but beating Croatia 3-0. Will Bayley and Paul Karabardak beat the Chinese team in the semi-final 3-1 and met Ukraine in the final. The pair lost narrowly 3-2 and so gained the Silver medal.

Sue Gilroy, pairing with Aleaena Kanova ( Slovakia), took 4th place in the Ladies Class 4 Team and the Mens Class 4-5 team of Scott Robertson, Jack Hunter-Spivey and Tommy Urhaug (Norway) reached the quarter-finals.

For the full results Bratislava_data_Team 2012

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